Facebook is currently the world’s most effective customer acquisition platform, and advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity that every business – no matter their size – should seriously consider if they wish to scale their company and generate consistent and low cost sales and leads.

We have seen clients lower their lead cost by 1000% compared to Google advertising, while increasing lead volume a hundred fold. Facebook advertising works particularly well for business-to-customer sales, and for ecommerce sites.

Facebook advertising

Advertising on Facebook is not however something we would recommend everyone just jumps into, as there is a steep and sometimes long learning curve to this amazing but complex platform. You can lose a lot of money if the advertising is managed the wrong way, and there are a multitude of technical elements that need to be in place and monitored while a Facebook ad campaign is being managed.

We have many years of experience in creating and running successful Facebook campaigns, using the latest techniques and methodology to optimise your sales and leads rapidly and within your budget. We will work with you to create the advertisements – we recommend video in most cases – and to build a campaign that targets the right, high quality customers for your business, repeatedly, day in and day out.

Facebook advertising success

We truly believe Facebook advertising is a fantastic business opportunity that far too many businesses are missing out on, so to increase sales and revenue while keeping advertising costs down, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements – you can email us at hello@energisedigital.com.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say:

We were hesitant to hire another expert after working with an agency in the past on Facebook ads that over promised and under delivered, but I’m glad I gave it another shot.

Andy is generous with his knowledge and the performance improvements that we have seen have been steady and constant. From the moment we sat down, I could tell he cared about helping us hit our goal. Andy has a great store of experience and knowledge about Facebook ads, the ad management platform and strategy.

If you doubt that you are setting up your Facebook ads and campaigns correctly, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with him. His honest and expert approach is worth your time and will improve your ad performance. During the year that we have worked with Andy we have consistently seen him deliver leads at a cost much lower than our previous targets. This has allowed us to re-set the cost assumptions of our business and deliver far greater profitability. My only regret is that we didn’t meet him sooner…

Graham Barrett, ismybillfair.com.